Qingxunmu 480ml aerosol spray air freshener car perfume

Brand: Qingxunmu
Article No.: QXM-00016
Place of Origin: China guangdong
Function: The air is fresh、The air smells、Air purification aromatic
Flavor: jasmine
Packing quantity: 40 bottles/carton
Physical form: aerosol
Net content: 480ml/bottle
Qingxunmu 480ml aerosol spray air freshener car perfume Qingxunmu 480ml aerosol spray air freshener car perfume



Qing Xun Mu 480ml aerosol spray air freshener/car perfume 5 scents


This product is carefully developed with slow-release technology, with pure fragrance and long-lasting fragrance. Make the environment fragrant and elegant, make you feel as if you are in a fresh nature, make you feel relaxed, happy and comfortable! Especially with plant extracts inside, which can eliminate all kinds of turbidity and unpleasant odors in the air. It is non-irritating and non-polluting. It is a necessary product for work, leisure, entertainment and other places and families.

Usage: Shake well before using, then spray into the indoor space.

Ingredient: butane emulsifier parfum water

Scope of application: public places such as living room, kitchen, toilet, wardrobe, office, car, hotel, guesthouse, KTV, etc. It can be used in places that need fresh and fragrant air.

Note: This is a compressed gas tank, do not place the container in a place where the temperature is higher than 50 degrees, and do not use it near a heat source or flame. Keep out of reach of children.
In case of contacting with skin or eyes, wash with water or seek medical attention immediately. Please store it out of the reach of children.
Do not pierce the product and the empty cans or throw them into the fire, and the aerosol packaging containers that are once filled should not be refilled.

Expiration date: Please use it before the marked date (year/month/day)