3.The classification and fragrance and notes of air freshener gas types


Air freshener is a chemical product that has been used in the field of environmental sanitation since the 20th century. It can be divided into:
1. Aerosol type. Refers to canned products that use propellants. When using this type of product, the air freshener in the airtight tank can be sprayed evenly under the pressure generated by the propellant, and form a suspended spray in the air.
2. Spray type. Refers to a micro-spray product that does not use a propellant.
Air fresheners have various fragrance types, such as single flower fragrance (jasmine, rose, osmanthus, lavender, etc.) compound fragrance, etc. But basically they are composed of ether, essence and other ingredients. Air fresheners can also be called ‘Environmental Perfume’, various air fresheners have rapidly become popular in recent years.
Explosion may occur
The propellants (also called propellants) used in aerosols can be divided into two categories: non-flammable and flammable. The former are fluorocarbons (such as Freon), and the latter are lower saturated hydrocarbons (propane, butane, etc.) and ethers (dimethyl ether). In addition, there are products that use compressed gas to increase the pressure in the aerosol can. There are also products that use nitrogen, carbon dioxide, low-oxide nitrogen, etc. to replace the propellant in foreign countries. Since many aerosol and spray stock solutions contain flammable substances, explosions may occur during production, transportation and use.
According to the different ignition points, aerosols and sprays can be divided into five grades: non-flammable, flame-retardant, slightly flammable, weakly flammable and strongly flammable. Some countries clearly stipulate that when such aerosols and sprays are sold, their hazard level must be marked.
Vigilance against new sources of pollution
Now air freshener products on the market more or less introduce new pollutants (such as Freon, etc.) while removing certain pollutants. More seriously, benzene series (such as benzene, toluene, etc.) have been found in air fresheners now. Therefore, except for special needs, residents are advised to minimize the use of air fresheners for safety.
Air fresheners are also flammable!